Is Pallet Racking Suited For Your Warehouse?

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When it comes to warehousing, pallet racking is one of the most obvious storage utilization tools. It’s very affordable and convenient. Plus, it really maximizes the space that you have so there is plenty of space to use.

But it’s not all the time that pallet racking is suited for your warehousing needs. There are some things to be considered before opting for pallet racking.

• The nature of the products you store

• Your storage practices

• Access to the products (how often and how they are accessed)

Typically, businesses that handle bulk products and items are best to use pallet racking for storage. Other than that, warehouse managers who do not want to stack boxes on top of each other may also choose pallet racking, since it gets rid of the blocking that takes up much of the space when stacking.

Going for pallet racking definitely has the edge over than the usual block stacking. Here are some of them:

• Moving of individual stock is of relative ease

• Product is less likely to get damaged or have defects because it is not crushed unlike with block stacking

• The dead space is eliminated as pallet racking maximizes the height of the warehouse

As for the type of pallet racking, there are different kinds of pallet racking storages. If you are seriously choosing pallet racking, here are some of the factors you must take into account before you go to a provider.

• Cost for a racking solution

• Amount of floor space available for pallet racking

• Height of ceilings

• Type and size of pallet you use

• Frequency of access to the pallets

• Shelf life of the product


• Type and lift height of the fork truck that you will use

Once you have determined the kind of pallet racking system you need, you can now contact a pallet racking provider like SouthTech Steel Manufacturing Corp.

Take note of these suggestions and ponder hard. It shouldn’t take you a long time. Pallet racking is the most sought-after storage form when it comes to warehousing. You couldn’t make a mistake with this one.

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