Inspecting Your Pallet Racks

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All material objects deteriorate and depreciate in value. When this happens, every person’s initial thought was to get a replacement, but that isn’t always as easy. Costs have to be estimated, expenses calculated, and let’s just say that when we talk about money, it’s just hard to let go.

When it comes to warehousing, pallet racks, or your trusty storage spaces, it’s difficult to neglect the effects of wear and tear. A lot of hazard is involved, and it may cost someone his life. If you’re running a warehouse, always subject your pallet racking system for inspection. If you’re not aware of the gravity of the situation, here are some of the risks you may have to know when you leave your pallet racks unchecked:

• Working hours will be distorted

• Large amount of products may be damaged

• Productivity and profitability will be affected

• Lawsuits may be filed

• Injuries and ultimately death may happen

• Going out of business is not out of the question

That’s why it is necessary to have your storage racks investigated, to prevent the above circumstances from happening.

Inspection of storage racks should be done on a regular basis. But “regular basis” depends on the nature of the products held by the warehouse. For warehouses that are busy and have a high turnover, inspection must be done more often, as the hastiness of their job has an impact on the wear and tear of the pallet racks. For low turnover warehouses, inspections may take place at least every six months or at least once every year.

If a portion of the pallet rack is deemed damaged, the area should be sealed off and declared inaccessible until the damages are treated and secured, o prevent further injuries to human resources.

If you’re thinking about the costs, think about the bigger picture if you left your pallet racks untreated. Remember, you may go out of business. It’s a domino effect.

Ensure that you are giving your warehouse and your resources a well-deserved treatment. Having your warehouse inspected is extremely important. It’s a need. Don’t think that it won’t save you in the long run. It will.


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