Get Your Warehouse Ready For The Christmas Shopping Rush

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Christmas is the season to be jolly. The season to give. And, the season to shop. It’s a fact. On Christmas, people spend their savings on material things to give to their loved ones, friends, relatives, bosses, officemates and godchildren. They also spend these things on new clothes, new bags, or new shoes. That’s why warehouse, clearance, and marked down sales of shops and boutiques are in abundance during this time of the year.

One of the sales that offer a really big discount – like really big, we’re talking up to 70% off—are warehouses. Warehouse sales have been a thing since people learned to shop bulk. And it’s true. You can indeed save a lot of money buying from warehouses, even if it’s not on sale.

But holding a warehouse sale isn’t a joke. Can you imagine the size of that thing? And people will pile up in there. It will be a madhouse, for sure. It will be uncontrollable. Doing a warehouse sale will most likely require a bigger space, to be able to accommodate both the products and the shoppers.

Is your warehouse ready to become a madhouse? Can your warehouse hold up a ton of people going crazy over your products? If not, here are some ways you can work on it.

1. You can create a temporary mezzanine floor depending on the available headspace before vertical clearance. This can be done by using 2 to 3 tiers, depending on the vertical clearance of your warehouse.

2. Even if you are not holding up a warehouse sale, use of pallet racking as a storage use provides a lot of advantages. It is very much ideal for bulk storage. What’s also good about it is that pallet racks takes up the space available in the vertical limit, giving you more floor space to work on.

3. Shelving is also a commonly used form of storage in warehouses. This is perfect for small or hand pick items. Utilizing the use of shelves reduce the rates of picking up the wrong item, and increase the rates of getting the right item.

As you go along, you may also take note of these tips to an organized warehouse sale.

1. Put labels and tagging, and apply a color-coded scheme.

2. Think of ways for a better aisle navigation.

3. Widen the space in the receiving area.

4. Ensure that everything is okay in your inventory.

5. Be up to date with your high selling and seasonal products.

6. Always ensure that your staff is happy, so that everybody is happy.

Remember, Christmas is a very hassling time of the year. But don’t let the stress get the best of you and your warehouse. Be armed with these tips and you’re sure to maintain the true spirit of Christmas, and that is to give.


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