Things Every Warehouse Should Have

Working in a warehouse entails a lot of danger. Elevated areas, opens spaces and mishandling of machinery are just some of its characteristics that pose a threat to human safety. In fact, the warehouse is one of the most hazardous places to work for. Warehouses workers are very prone to accidents. This is why warehouses […]

Safety Tips For Your Warehouse During -ber Months

It’s October already. The coming of –ber months marks a significant change in the country’s climate. You know what this means: Hitting the hay at night is heaven and getting up in the morning for school or work is going to be so much harder than it already is. You just want to stay in […]


Effective Storage Tips For Your Warehouse

As consumers, people are quick to buy things that they think they need. According to The Wall Street Journal, Americans spend 1.2 billion dollars on commodities and services that they don’t need. It has continuously increased from 5% in the 80s to 11% in early 2000s. And what year is it now? It’s 2015. Judging […]


Economical Ways To Turn Your Warehouse Green

Earth is changing faster than expected. What do I mean by this? Climate change has actually worsened, contrary to the myth that the world is cooling down. Scientists, together with political factions, are devising ways to prevent it, but it seems like nothing is working. Just last week, a research team has discovered that there […]

Steel, Because…

When you go to a big city like Ortigas, Alabang, Makati, BGC, or even New York, the second thing you’ll notice, after the hustle and the bustle of the crowd, are the huge buildings towering over the place like giants who will devour you at any time. Of course, that’s a given because these places […]

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